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David Finck
Low Standards
Low Standards CD cover.

01 – Three and one
02 – Brigas nunca mais
03 – Low standards
04 – The way he captured me
05 – How my heart sings
06 – Loving you
07 – Breezin' along with the breeze
08 – A time for love
09 – They say it's wonderful
10 – Pra dizer adeus

Length: 46:23
Tracks 3 and 4 composed by David Finck.

David Finck: bass, vocals
Joe Locke: vibes
Gary Versace: piano
Carl Allen: drums
Jim Saporito: drums on tracks 2, 3 & 10
Ali Ryerson: alto flute on tracks 1 & 3
Alexis Cole: vocal on tracks 4 & 8

Sample Track
Here's a sample track from Low Standards. This Tom Jobim's Brigas nunca mais. (If you don't see the blue Click here to listen button below, make sure your browser's security preferences are set to allow plug-ins and that you have Apple's free QuickTime plug-in. Some browsers still won't display the button. In that case, click in the center of the box to reveal the player.)

Free Apple QuickTime download

Record label: Soundbrush Records


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