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Paulinho Garcia
How Do You Keep the Music Playing?
How Do You Keep the Music Playing? CD cover.

01 – How do you keep the music playing?
02 – As rosas não falam
03 – Cintura fina
04 – I'll be calling for Maria
05 – Adeus meus sonhos/ Adiós mis sueños
06 – Bolero de satã
07 – Palpite infeliz
08 – Feitiço da vila
09 – Canto de Ossanha
10 – Obsesión
11 – Tristeza/ A voz do morro
12 – Embraceable you
13 – Take five
14 – There'll never be another you
15 – You are my greatest friend

Length: 60:41
Tracks 3, 4, 5 and 15 written by Paulinho Garcia.

Paulinho Garcia: voice and guitar

Sample Track
Here's a sample track from How Do You Keep the Music Playing? This is As rosas não falam (The roses don't talk) by Angenor de Oliveira, also known as Cartola. (If you don't see the blue Click here to listen button below, make sure your browser's security preferences are set to allow plug-ins and that you have Apple's free QuickTime plug-in. Some browsers still won't display the button. In that case, click in the center of the box to reveal the player.)

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Record label: Jazzmin Records and Shrinktunes Media


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