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Harvey Wainapel follows up on success of
Amigos Brasileiros

January 20, 2011 – Jazz saxophonist and clarinetist Harvey Wainapel just finished recording a new Brazilian album for release later this year. Harvey traveled throughout Brazil in 2010, Enelas Xavier, Harvey Wainapel & Magno Alexandre Enelas Xavier, Harvey Wainapel and Magno Alexandre performing and recording tracks for the CD in Minas Gerais, Recife, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. (One track, featuring keyboardist and flutist Jovino Santos Neto, was recorded in Seattle.) Harvey described his forthcoming album in an e-mail to and attached a sneak preview of one track:

Here is a track from my next CD – the followup CD to Amigos Brasileiros. Like that one, each track will feature a different group and different composer. I'm not sure of the CD title yet – it might just be something silly like More Amigos Brasileiros!

This tune is called Árvore and was composed by guitarist Wilson Lopes, a member of Milton Nascimento's group.
He plays acoustic guitar here, along with his brother Beto Lopes on electric bass and Sergio Silva on percussion; I'm on alto sax. This will be one of two songs recorded in Minas Gerais. The Paulo Bellinati, Harvey Wainapel, Zeca Assumpção & Sérgio Santos Paulo Bellinati, Harvey Wainapel, Zeca Assumpção and Sérgio Santos other one features a beautiful string quartet arrangement.

The new CD will also include:

Two songs recorded in Recife – one is a caboclinho written for me by Spok, the other a xote that I will record there next month [December 2010] with a 13–piece group made up of various sizes mandolins and guitars along with percussion.

Three songs recorded in São Paulo – a choro written by mandolin master Izaias Bueno; a composition Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais by flutist Lea Freire, who plays piano on the track, in the maracatu rhythm; and a traditional waltz from the '50s in an updated arrangement, with pianist Silvia Goes and her son Thiago Espirito Santo, one of the best young bassists around.

A duo composed for me by Jovino Santos Neto, which we recorded in Seattle.

A choro of mine that I will record next month [December 2010] in Rio with pianist Gilson Peranzzetta and a cellist.

Here's a sneak preview of Árvore. It hasn't been mixed yet, but we think it still sounds terrific. (If you don't see the audio player below, please update your browser. The file might take 30 seconds or more to load, depending on the speed of your internet connection and CPU.)

Photos courtesy of Harvey Wainapel