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Excellent bossa nova album from Stuttgart, Germany

February 17, 2011 – Here's a sample track from a band you should know about. BOSSAlibre is a Brazilian music duo from Stuttgart, Germany, made up of classical guitarist Boris Kischkat and reedman Jochen Feucht. When they decided to record their debut album in 2009, they invited two special Brazilian guests to join them – singer Viviane De Farias and percussionist Mauro Martins. The album is Por toda minha vida (For my whole life), subtitled A música de A. C. Jobim. BOSSAlibre performed at JazzArtFestival Internationales in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany on April 10, 2011.
Por toda minha vida CD cover.

01 – Só tinha de ser com você
02 – Por toda minha vida
03 – Vivo sonhando
04 – O grande amor
05 – Samba do avião
06 – Piano na Mangueira
07 – Retrato em branco e preto
08 – Chora coração
09 – Anos dourados
10 – Brigas nunca mais
11 – Luiza
12 – Águas de Março/ Waters of March

Length: 56:47

Jochen Feucht saxophone, flute & basset horn
Boris Kischkat classical guitar

Special Guests
Viviane De Fraias vocal
Mauro Martins percussion

Sample Track
Here's a sample track from Por Toda Minha Vida. This is Só tinha de ser com você (It had to be with you) by Tom Jobim and Aloysio de Oliveira. (If you don't see the blue Click here to listen button below, make sure your browser's security preferences are set to allow plug-ins and that you have Apple's free QuickTime plug-in. Some browsers still won't display the button. In that case, click in the center of the box to reveal the player.)

Free Apple QuickTime download


BOSSAlibre at JazzArtFestival Internationales. BOSSAlibre at JazzArtFestival Internationales, Schwäbisch Hall, Germany
Photo: Hans Kumpf


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