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Welcome! We've added an excellent choro album to our Audio Archives section. Our feature on Modern Traditions Ensemble's New Old Music was originally broadcast August 31, 2005. When you visit our archives, you can listen to extended features on 168 Brazilian music albums—plus interviews, memorial tributes and much more. Our Beyond Brazil section presents 137 recommended albums from the world of music beyond Brazil—nearly all with sample tracks. Recent additions include: Steve Slagle's Alto Manhattan with special guest Joe Lovano; Misha's Dreaming With Eyes Wide Awake; Zarabande's El Toro; Greg Diamond's Avenida Graham; and Albert Marquès Trio's Live in the South Bronx. Turn to our New Releases section for complete information and sample tracks from 113 Brazilian albums, including these recent additions: Cosmos by Ricardo Silveira and John Leftwich; Relíquia by Clarice and Sergio Assad; Carla Hassett's +Blue; and Marcos Amorim's Sea of Tranquility. Thanks for stopping by. Please spend some time exploring this website's many features (you can always return to this page by clicking on our logo at the top of every page). As always, if you like what you find here, we hope you'll tell your friends about it. Thanks!

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January 15, 2014 – The innovative band Fato from Curitiba, Paraná, is celebrating its Grupo Fato in recording studio. 20th anniversary with the release of the group's seventh album later this year. Keyboardist and vocalist Grace Torres sent us a sneak preview of the release. Produced by Pedro Luís, the new album (yet to be named) features guest appearances by vocalists... Read more

Here are earlier sneak previews of new albums by:
Hamilton de Holanda & Yamandú Costa
Jon Gold
André Vasconcellos
Joe Carter
Luiz Simas
Harvey Wainapel

April 24, 2013 – As the author of 14 books whose work is anthologized Rodrigo Garcia Lopes. Rodrigo Garcia Lopes
in several countries, Rodrigo Garcia Lopes has received acclaim as a scholar, poet and translator. But he's not so well known as a singer-songwriter. With the release of his second album, Canções do Estúdio Realidade, he has emerged as an artist deserving worldwide recognition for his music... Read more

Here's another of our Discovery Artists:
Rubens Figueiredo

Remembering Tom Jobim
Dec. 8, 2011 – Antonio Carlos Jobim, the beloved composer whose name comes to mind Tom Jobim. first when people speak of Brazilian music, died on December 8, 1994. Here's our short biographical sketch of Tom Jobim and a 44-minute musical tribute to him, Remembering Tom Jobim, from our radio broadcast on the tenth anniversary of his death, December 8, 2004... Read more

Here are other special features:
Interview with Antonio Adolfo
The story of Mas que Nada
Paula Morelenbaum interview

Artist Profiles are biographical sketches of Brazilian musicians and composers – and other artists noted for performing Brazilian music. They are listed in alphabetical order by first name... Read more

Dec. 17, 1944 – Carlos Barbosa-Lima
Dec. 21, 1924 – Altamiro Carrilho
Dec. 23, 1966 – Badi Assad
Dec. 25, 1949 – Simone
Dec. 26, 1952 – Sérgio Assad
Dec. 31, 1947 – Rita Lee
Jan. 4, 1946 – Susannah McCorkle
Jan. 11, 1952 – Lee Ritenour
Jan. 12, 1946 – George Duke
Jan. 13, 1929 – Joe Pass
Jan. 19, 1942 – Nara Leão
Jan. 25, 1927 – Tom Jobim
Jan. 25, 1943 – Leny Andrade
Jan. 25, 1965 – Vittor Santos
Jan. 26, 1935 – Durval Ferreira
Jan. 27, 1906 – Radamés Gnattali
Jan. 27, 1949 – Djavan
Jan. 30, 1956 – Lula Barbosa
Jan. 31, 1948 – Joyce Moreno
Feb. 2, 1924 – Sonny Stitt
Feb. 2, 1927 – Stan Getz
Feb. 6, 1948 – Luiz Simas
Feb. 6, 1954 – Juarez Moreira
Feb. 9, 1909 – Carmen Miranda
Feb. 10, 1947 – Antonio Adolfo
Feb. 11, 1927 – Newton Mendonça
Feb. 11, 1941 – Sergio Mendes
Feb. 12, 1938 – Martinho da Vila
Feb. 13, 1955 – Joe Carter
Feb. 14, 1918 – Jacó do Bandolim

Ricardo Silveira & John Leftwich, Cosmos
Cosmos CD cover.
01 – Get together
02 – Cosmos
03 – Valsa nova
04 – 9 to 1
05 – Bachianas brasileiras #5
06 – Northeast and west
07 – Reflections
08 – Outro Rio
09 – Carinhoso
10 – Kathy
11 – Sempre assim
12 – Stars
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Clarice & Sergio Assad, Relíquia
Relíquia CD cover.
01 – Cidade (City)
02 – Artístico (Artistic)
03 – Relíquia (Relic)
04 – Song for my father
05 – Capoeira
06 – Angela
07 – The last song
08 – Estranho mundo (Strange world)
09 – Jorginho do Bandolim
10 – Ventos (Winds)
11 – Sol de clave (Treble clef)
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Carla Hassett, +Blue
+Blue CD cover.
01 – We belong here
02 – Pois é e tal
03 – Guerreira vai
04 – Sem calor
05 – Ladeira da Praça
06 – Sangue da terra
07 – A little more blue
08 – Forte
09 – Quando me desamericanizar
10 – South American way
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Marcos Amorim, Sea of Tranquility
Sea of Tranquility CD cover.
01 – Dance of the five princesses
02 – Bolero
03 – January ashes
04 – Pedras rolando
05 – Sea of Tranquility
06 – The further away the closer I get
07 – Sea time
08 – My African goddess
09 – Wooden face blues (bonus track)
Read more

Brazzamerica, Brazzamerica
Brazzamerica CD cover.
01 – Quintessencia
02 – So what/ Samba do carioca way
03 – Canario
04 – Samba da lira
05 – Cecilias
06 – Vera Cruz
07 – Mariama
08 – Lim sim (maracatu-blues)
09 – Passarim
10 – A rã
11 – Ginga do mane
12 – Cev mar
13 – Imagen
Read more

Ricardo Bacelar, Concerto para Moviola/ Ao Vivo
Concerto para Moviola/ Ao Vivo CD cover.
01 – Cordilheira
02 – Birdland
03 – Killer Joe
04 – So may it secretely begin
05 – March majestic
06 – The windmills of your mind
07 – Señor blues
08 – Moviola
09 – Enquanto isso, chove...
10 – Sabiá
11 – Palhaço
12 – Apartheid blues
13 – Setembro
14 – Água de beber
15 – Nanã
16 – The groove
17 – Blue Miles
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Mark Isbell, Encontro
Encontro CD cover.
01 – Chora tua tristeza
02 – A nova sem nome
03 – Da pá virada
04 – Doce presença
05 – Seu encanto (The face I love)
06 – April child
07 – Porque somos iguais
08 – Quem diz que sabe
09 – Samba da Catalina
10 – Deixa
11 – Quiet little lady
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Renato Braz, saudade
saudade CD cover.
01 – Anabela
02 – O cantador
03 – Eu não existo sem você
04 – Feitiço da Vila
05 – Acqua marcia
06 – Beatriz
07 – Na ilha de Lia, no barco de Rosa
08 – Chora brasileira
09 – Disparada
10 – Onde está você?
11 – Sodade, meu bem, sodade
12 – Bambayuque
13 – The last train
14 – Desenredo (intro & coda: O trenzinho do caipira)
15 – bonus track: Angola
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Antonio Adolfo, Tropical Infinito
Carol Saboya, Carolina
Eduardo Belloni, Back to the Beginning
Cristina Braga & Brandenburger Symphoniker, Whisper
Paulinho Garcia & Friends, Aquarela
Daniela Mercury, Virtual Vinyl
Trio da Paz, 30
Various, Piano in the House
Cissa Paz, Cissa Paz
Catina DeLuna, Lado B Brazilian Project
Fato, Próximo
Michel Nirenberg, Retrato/Portrait
Sambeleza, Sambeleza Live!
Antonio Adolfo, Tema
Nicole, Raízes/Roots
Hamilton de Holanda, World of Pixinguinha
Phill Fest, That's What She Says
Simone Sou, Guilherme Kastrup & Benjamim Taubkin, Sounds of Life
Duduka Da Fonseca Trio, Jive Samba
Nilson Matta, East Side Rio Drive
David Feldman, piano
Carol Saboya, Antonio Adolfo, and Hendrik Meurkens, Copa Village
Hamilton de Holanda, Caprichos

Here are 84 more New Releases from 2011 to 2014. Click on a title to read about the album and listen to a sample track... Read more
Sandy Cressman & Homenagem Brasileira will present a CD release show Feb. 16, 8:00 pm, at Freight & Sandy Cressman. Sandy Cressman Salvage Coffeehouse, 2020 Addison St., Berkeley, CA. The new album is titled Entre Amigos. Besides Sandy on voice and percussion, the show will feature Jasnam Daya Singh (piano), David Belove (bass), Phil Thompson (drums), Jeff Cressman (trombone), Harvey Wainapel (saxophones), Ian Faquini (acoustic guitar), Ami Molinelli (percussion), and special guests Ray Obiedo (electric guitar) and Natalie Cressman (trombone and vocal). Natalie Cressman and guitarist Mike Bono will open the show. Tickets... Read more

The Chicago Choro Club hosts a monthly Roda de Choro (choro jam session) The Chicago Choro Club. at The Musical Offering, 743 Custer Ave., Evanston, IL. It's free and open to the public, and musicians are invited to bring their instruments and play along. The club also gives weekly lessons every Sunday, 10:30-11:30 am. Organizer Julie Koidin says, For non-musicians wanting to participate in playing music/choro, I highly recommend taking up pandeiro, the Brazilian percussion instrument that is played in a host of styles... Read more

Brazilian jazz guitarist and composer Flávio Barba has launched a new project called Jazz4Music. Every month, he Jazz4Music. invites different musicians playing Brazilian music, jazz and pop to make a new video of a song, recorded live. The videos are presented on the Jazz4Music youtube channel. Three recordings are already online: Jogral (Jester) by Filó Machado, José Neto, and Djavan features Flávio Barba, João Cristal, Marinho Andreotti, and Nelton Essi... Read more

Here are 137 albums we recommend from the world of music beyond Brazil: Steve Slagle, Alto Manhattan; Misha, Dreaming With Eyes Wide Awake;
Alto Manhattan CD cover. Dreaming With Eyes Wide Awake CD cover. El Toro CD cover.
Zarabande, El Toro; Greg Diamond, Avenida Graham; Albert Marquès Trio, Live in the South Bronx; Buselli-Wallarab Jazz Orchestra, Basically Baker Vol. 2; Gabriel Espinosa, Songs of Bacharach and Manzanero; Black Olive Jazz, Exotica; Ray Obiedo, Latin Jazz Project vol. 1; Little Johnny Rivero, Music in Me; Dave Stryker, Eight Track II; Tom McCormick, South Beat; Daniela Schächter, Vanheusenism: A Tribute to Jimmy Van Heusen; Nána Simopoulos' Skins; Jeff Denson Quartet's Concentric Circles; Terceto Kali by the flamenco band of the same name; The Big Band Theory by Hector Martignon's Banda Grande; Julio Botti's Sax to Tango;... Read details and hear sample tracks

Randy Morse produced and hosted the weekly radio program The Best of Brazil from 1999 through 2010. Many of the features from the program are archived here, organized by category and broadcast date... Read more

Here are links to the websites of more than 370 bands and musicians, listed in alphabetical order by first name.
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Here are links to the websites of 120 record labels, listed in alphabetical order.
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